Freedom 2001
GameBoy Developer's Competition

Here are all the entries from our first ever game developers competition.  This competition was announced in July, and ended on September 25th, 2001 - slightly later than the original ending date of September 15th due to the unexpected events of that week.

About the grading of entries:
All entries were graded on graphics, music/sound effects, playability (lack of bugs, ability to actually control the game), concept (including originality and overall possibilities with the idea), compatibility with classic GameBoy and the Liberty emulator, and a nebulous "fun factor".   Not all factors were given equal weight in judging, and not all factors applied to all entries.

Three judges where involved in the final selection of winners, though the comments below are all mine.

Our thanks to everyone who participated.  We hope you enjoy these games!


To download a entry, just click on the picture or game title. 
Entries which run with Liberty are marked.
Games are not in Liberty format, and must be converted using the ROM2PDB program included with Liberty.
Entries do not contain the 'Nintendo Graphic' and will show as having corrupt headers on some emulators (but will still be playable)



Grand Prize:

The Horrible Demon 4

by Bertil Hörberg

Liberty Compatible:  Yes

The Horrible Demon 4 is a side-scrolling action/adventure game.  Great graphics, good control (and lots of moves), nice intro level to get the player started.  Sound is decent, and the game is fun to play.


First Place:

Alien Planet

by Patriek Lesparre

Liberty Compatible:  Yes

Alien Planet is a well done vertical shooter game.  Graphics, sound and game control are good.  Power-ups are nice (and the inclusion of the "cheat" was appreciated <grin>)  Challenging and fun.


Second Place:


by Alan Obee



Liberty Compatible:  No

Proxima is a side-scrolling shooter.  Music and sound effects are done well.  This game also has (much needed) power-ups.  High scores are great.  Ship is a little difficult to control.  A lot of fun to play.
Third Place:

The Princess & the Pauper

by Stoic Software

Liberty Compatible:  Yes

The Princess & The Pauper - Great RPG engine.  The game itself isn't much more than a demo, but it looks like a great start.  Amusing conversations, good music and graphics, and it even included the Gambit Studios logo <grin>  Save game is a good touch.   Full Super GB compatibility.  The ending seems to remind me of a Monty Python movie for some reason...


Honorable Mention:

Red Dreams

by Arcade Gobuzov

Liberty Compatible:  No

Red Dreams is a 3d shooter reminiscent of an arcade classic I can't quite remember the name of.  Graphics are good (for the device), sound is fair.  I don't seem to be very good at this game, though I'm impressed that someone could make a 3d game on a GameBoy.

Cyber Squash

by Jordan Tuzsuzov

Liberty Compatible:  Yes (very slow)

Cyber Squash is a robotic squash game.  Interesting concept.  Very playable, and graphics are ok.  The concept seems pretty original.

Le Grand Bleu

by Arvid Berntsson

Liberty Compatible:  Kind of

Le Grand Bleu is a music & graphics demo, not a game.  Digital art at it's finest on the GameBoy.  Interesting scrolling poem, pretty graphics, cool music.  Actually runs on a GameBoy classic, though some graphics are garbled.

LCD Game

by Rafael Vuijk

Liberty Compatible:  Yes

LCD Game is a unique maze game.  You have to push the walls around to find your way out.  I found it enjoyable, though there was a flaw in the play (you can leave the maze to the right), and the entry only included one level.

Books of the Bible

by Danny H. Newport

Liberty Compatible:  Yes

Books of the Bible - Is someone looking for an excuse to take their GameBoy to church?  Here it is.  A basic replacement for flashcards, this game suffers some by not offering any "rewards" for correct answers.  Still, the concept is interesting.

Channel 49 - First Strike

by Matt Stainton

Liberty Compatible:  No

Channel 49 - First Strike is a music demo with a cool bass/techno sound (at least to my ears).  Listen and enjoy.


by Peter Moraliyski

Liberty Compatible:  Yes

Pulsar is a GameBoy update of the old scrolling race game.   Keep your ship on the road or 'crash'.  No scoring, game just keeps restarting.  Music/FX are decent.


by Joshua Wise

Liberty Compatible:  No

SimBurgerKing reminds me of Simon... repeat what the game shows you, as quickly as you can.  Music is decent, unfortunately the scoring messes up after a while, and the game never ends.  This game includes source code!

Gambit Studios would like to thank everyone who submitted an entry and made the competition a success.  Keep up the good work, and good luck!

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